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Aspiring musicians Lloyd and Dorothy Dwyer changed not only their lives but their
careers when they became Christians.
Now new workers with CLC, they plan to go to Jamaica early next year.
Lloyd, Dorothy, Lauren and Matthew.
Life couldn't have been better — or so we that, for them, it was a natural progression thought," is how Lloyd remembers the summer of 1984. "Dorothy and I were climbing the heights of our chosen careers." Dorothy was a singer, Lloyd a saxophonist—neither of them dreamed of the enormous
change that was just around the corner.
It was while Lloyd was in the army that he discovered his musical ability. After studying jazz part-time at a music college in London, he became lead saxophonist in a well-known
group. "I began to make a name for myself on the professional circuit, which is very exclusive and open only to a small percentage of musicians." Earnings were high, and so was the living — alcohol, drugs and all-night parties became a way of life. During this time Lloyd met Dorothy, a singer, who became his girlfriend.
Dorothy's interest in music developed while she was in her teens, and eventually she was persuaded to leave her job as a typist and join a singing group. She went on to sing with other groups and became "more and more taken up in the social life. I loved to dress up and be seen at parties with 'the stars'. I became totally entrenched in this crazy musicians' world!"
Into this crazy musicians' world came a new influence. Dorothy's mother had become a Christian at the outset of Dorothy's career, and then letters from her father, who was now living abroad, began to indicate that he, too, had "gone religious". Dorothy concluded
they were old, they had lived a full life. "But for myself, I was only beginning to enjoy my life and so I didn't need God. Not yet, anyway."
But the more she heard about Jesus, the more Dorothy became aware that "God is not just for old people and I could very well give my life to Him now ... but what would I do about my career, my life, my friends? And what about Lloyd, my boyfriend? No, it would be too complicated at the moment. I had a few more dreams to realise yet."
So Dorothy carried on with her singing, at the same time feeling more and more that there had to be more to life than this, until one Sunday afternoon when she and Lloyd went to visit her mother. Lloyd described what happened:
"I too had become restless and was thinking that there had to be more to life. When we went to visit Dorothy's mother that day, I happened to be casually looking at her bookshelf. A book caught my eye. It was called The Back Side of Satan, by Morris Cerullo. The Lord Himself must have guided me to that book. Dorothy's mother was more than happy to lend it to me, and so I took the book home and began to read. Little did I know that that book would turn my life around completely.
"It warned of the dangers of the occult and drugs and was aimed at those who did not
know Jesus in a personal way. In particular, the last two chapters challenged the reader to make the decision to choose to give their life either to Christ, or the devil. I knew this was the truth and it was then that I chose to give my life to Jesus.
"As soon as I made that decision, I wept uncontrollably for three days, not because I was unhappy, but because I felt the Lord forgiving me and I felt clean. I turned away from my old style of living and I knew that I was a new person. But I had one problem — how was I going to tell the girl I loved what had happened to me?"
New person
Unbeknown to Lloyd, Dorothy had also been reading the book, and by the time she finished it she, too, was no longer the same person. For two weeks neither of them could bring
themselves to tell the other what had happened, then the time came for confrontation: "Can you imagine the joy, happiness and gratitude to God that we felt? It was monumental," says Lloyd.
Within six weeks they were married, and the day after their wedding they were baptised. They left the music world and found alternative employment, Dorothy as a typist and Lloyd in the Civil Service, but right from the start they had a feeling that "God wanted to use us to glorify him in a particular way." As time went on, His purpose became clear.
About a year after becoming Christians Lloyd and Dorothy decided they should visit Dorothy's father in Grenada. They also thought it would be a good opportunity to spend time listening to the Lord regarding their future. On the way to Grenada they spent a few days in Barbados.
"The night before we left for Grenada, a small gathering of friends had assembled to say goodbye to us. One young lady nervously approached us and said that she felt God had given her a message for us. He had told her that He wanted to use us and He would send someone to us in two weeks' time who would reveal what God had in store . . . Amazingly, two weeks later, a Christian gentleman came
I.. to my father-in-law's house. This man had
never seen us before, yet he told us he felt God wanted to use us, and he gave us a missionary challenge.
"This Christian gentleman turned out to be Bill Almack, Field Leader at that time for CLC in the Eastern Caribbean. He also told us of the need for workers in that area and that they had been praying specifically for a couple from England to join the team. Could we he the couple? We felt immediately that we were!"
Back in London, Lloyd and Dorothy met the CLC staff several times. This confirmed for them their call into the Mission. They then applied to a Missionary Training College, where they studied for two years before applying to CLC for missionary work in the Caribbean. Themselves converted through reading a book, they are now stepping out into a life of passing on the good news through Christian literature.
Aspiring musicians Lloyd and Dorothy Dwyer  Article from "Hallelujah!"