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How shall we avoid the threatened danger?

By insisting more thoroughly on separation from the world as necessary to pardon.  If one has not the light then let the light shine.  We are becoming too weak-kneed on this and are allowing to ourselves the possibility of some having the world, and yet being saved.  We may allow the possibility of individuals not having light, but that does not release us of the responsibility of letting the light shine upon them, nor them from walking in it when it does shine. 

Justified persons do not love the world, and if they see anything about them inappearance worldly, they gladly get rid of it, when pointed out.  ""If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him."  Show the people that God demands separation.  If justified, they gladly receive the light.  If they refuse the light, this is their condemnation, that "men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."

Holding steadily to separation from the world will do much to turn back the tide of popular holiness.  The danger here lies in our granting the fact that after light shines those outwardly worldly can continue in a justified and even a sanctified state without walking in the same.  We do not grant this in our theology or preaching; but like many popular teachers, are we not beginning to fearfully fail in the enforcement of the same?  When the sins of worldliness do not stir us to vigilance, it is because we are backsliding ourselves.  Have you done your duty here, my brother?  Sound an alarm in God's holy mountain.

Worldliness is on the increase, and we shall be swamped unless we take timely warning.  Which side of the line are you on, brother?  "Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

We shall avoid the threatened dangerfrom the popular holiness movement by insisting on death to the carnal mind.  While this is in our theology,  it is almost entirely neglected in our altar work.  The generalization of the modern teacher is overwhelming us.  Consecrate all and then believe, in general terms, is all we hear insisted on.  The Bible teaches a death, a crucifixion of the "old man."  This is the place to bring in the conflict.  Begin to talk death to carnality, and there is a stir among carnal holiness professors. 

In every case there will be agony and a sense of the death throes, if the individual goes through on the line shown by the Apostle Paul in Romans 6:6

No doubt there are thousands deceived today who have gone through with the intellectual formula.  It is, "I consecrate all and put it on the altar.  The altar sanctifies the gift.  I believe God's words and I am now sanctified."  The poor soul often finds pride, envy, jealousy, touchiness, stubbornness, love of flattery, desire for place, lustfulness, evil thoughts, evil surmisings, etc., in his heart, but calls it temptation, goes through with his formula, and goes on saying to himself, "There isn't as much in holiness as I thought, but I must believe and not dishonor God."

Oh! bring your "old man" to the cross.  He hates the cross, but bring him to it.  Now not in theory, if you please, but confess your carnality to God.  "Let me die."  Don't waver or let any dauber with untempered mortar divide your mind.  It shall be done.  You will know when you have gone through the death throes.  Consecration will walk hand in hand with the death agony; and when your "old man" is dead, your consecration will be complete.  Hallelujah!  Then faith will spring up and grasp God easily, naturally.  Amen.  God bless you.  Go to the rock.

Dividing Line  Article from "Hallelujah!" by V.A. Dake