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      Thy time on earth is short.  Each closing year, each setting sun, each tick of yonder clock, is shortening thy days on earth, and swiftly, silently, but surely carrying thee on to Eternity and to God.  The year, the day, the hour, the moment will soon arrive that will close thy life on earth and begin thy song in Heaven, or thy wail in Hell.  Today thy hands are busy at work, thine eyes are beholding, thy mind is thinking, thou art planning for the future.  Tomorrow all is still: the folded arm, the closed eye remain, but thou art gone--gone to Eternity.  Others were once busy as thou art; healthy as thou art; thoughtless as thou art; they are gone--gone to Eternity.  The merry voice, the painted clown, the talented artist whose presence made the theater and the pantomime an attraction for thee are gone; they are removed far from the region of fiction to that of reality--the reality of Eternity.  The shrewd merchant whose voice was so familiar to thee is hushed, and buys and sells no more--he has entered Eternity.

     Thine own turn to enter Eternity will shortly come.  Ask thyself honestly, "Am I prepared for Eternity?"  Give thy conscience time to answer; listen, it speaks to thee today, drown not its voice lest it speak to thee no more.

     Go from the haunts of sin, debauchery, and vice to the presence of God and the Lamb--impossible
; from the crowd of the condemned, and the race for gold and gain, to the song of the redeemed and the crown of glory.  No never!  God says, " Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John 3:3)

     Has this ever happened
unto thee?  Hast thou been born again for an eternal Heaven?  If so, well; but if not, the horrors of an Eternal Hell are awaiting thee, and today thou are nearer its unquenchable flame than thou hast ever been before.

Halt!  Why will you meet God with an unsaved soul?  He wills it not.  Today He pleads. "Turn ye, turn ye, why will ye die? (Ezekiel 33:11)

     Today He points you to yon Cross, with the Son of God uplifted, groaning
, bleeding, dying; and all for you.  Yes, for you the crown of thorns encircled His brow; for you the soldier's spear brought blood from His side; for you He cried in triumph, " It is finished;"  for there is salvation free today, and if you accept it as a sinner, you will be saved for Eternity.

     Have you been really born again? The devil wants you to gloss over this question; but your duty is to honestly face it, and that just now.

Am I Prepared for Eternity?  Article from "Hallelujah!"