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To magnify the mercy of God in lifting me from the pit of sin, and allowing me to tell the story of redeeming love, I write the following :
I was brought up in a Christian home and was a strict attendant at all the means of grace. I remember what joy thrilled my whole being, when but a child I arose, in the old-fashioned class-meeting, to tell that I loved Jesus, because He first loved me. I always felt when I sat down that I loved Him more than I did when I arose.
At the age of ten, I went out publicly to the penitent form. My mother thought I should go out, if perhaps I might influence my cousins to go with me. We went, and, while bowing humbly before God, I caught a glimpse of my own unregenerate heart. I cried to Him who saved the chief of sinners, believing that He would wash away all my sins. Great peace filled my soul—joy, assurance, and heaven came down. I was His child, God was my Father, the Holy Ghost attested that I was a new creature. I covenanted, there and then, that my life should be entirely devoted to Him. I felt the covenant was sealed by His blood.
As I grew up many things took my attention, but the sweetest place to my soul was the Sun-day morning class meeting, when my father used to explain the Scripture. Nothing melted my young heart like my father's prayers and loving entreaties.
Years rolled on, but I felt the vow was passed beyond repeal. I was always glad when there was a revival meeting, so I could humble myself at Jesus' feet and search to find if there was any-thing more I could consecrate to God. I longed to serve Him, without fear, in holiness and righteousness, all the days of my life. Many times God so blessed my soul that I thought I must have perfect love, but was disappointed to find fear still remaining. I shall ever praise God for
Holy Ghost teaohing on the depravity of the natural heart and the way into the holiest by the I blooc. of Jesus. My inbred foe was uncovered. Pride and jealousy were bigger than fear. I n load d myself. I felt willing to humble myself in any way to have a pure heart. Pride struggled n hard to gain the supremacy. He pointed me to the preacher's wife. I had heard no teaching on plainness of dress, but thought the preacher's g wife ought to be a model. Why, then, should I not dress as she did? The Lord said, "I want
you for my own peculiar child. Follow Me." I felt the tender arms of Jesus drawing me to Hie great heart of love. I wanted to say, "Yes." I did say it, as test after test came to me. The hidden rootlets seemed to cling fast, but a "Yes" from the bottom of my soul, and the work was done. I could lift up holy hands, my head was up, and the glory and power of God surged through my soul. Clean I I knew I was clean, every whit clean. Fear and pride and jealousy were all gone. Blessed fountain of cleansing 1 Shout, I had to; tell it, I did.
We had some distance to drive a dark, rainy night; but the way was not dark to me. It was as if a beautiful light shone all around so that I could see the road distinctly, though my brother could not see it. For days I could scarcely reply to any question, for the glad hallelujahs choked me, and would bubble forth. I could not under-stand it at all, but it was heavenly. The words Holiness, Entire Sanctification, and Perfect Love were sweet to me. I had the language of Canaan.
Views of the whitened harvest fields often .came before me. The compassion of Jesus for the sheep who were going astray without any :shepherd, used to melt my heart. I told the Lord I would go if He opened the way for me to get back to school. Many, many times I said, "Lord, I don't know anything, but open my way and I will go." Rather unexpectedly, there was an opening for me to resume my studies at the Iroquois High School. My parents wanted me to take up music, but the call came on me. My prayer was answered. My beloved brother Aaa
and I attended school together, and began teaching the same year. My school was some distance from a place of worship, so, aside from the Sabbath School, which we organized, I had ample time for prayer and reading. At such times, my eyes were fountains of tears for the heathen. I knew God's hand was on me to go to the darkened lands. I attended a Holiness convention at, Winchester. There was a sermon on prayer—"As soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children." God put the spirit of prayer and supplication upon me, until I felt "The world must be conquered for Christ." I saw my littleness and how little I was accomplishing. My whole soul melted at His presence. Then the voice came, "Will you go?" "Yes," was the response. "Will you go, now?" The responsibility—home,friends, and all came before me. It seemed as if the whole world was crushing me to the earth. I felt I should die under the burden; but what could I do? The voice said, "Go, and tell Brother Horner your call." It was a heavy cross, but heavier was the weight resting upon me.
I went home, but had to wait until after sup-per was over to unburden my heart. It seemed so like presumption for me to tell him I felt I must offer myself for the work of the Lord. I told him about my call, but said, "Perhaps it is only a test. You won't offend me if you don't think I
am fit for the work." He told me the need was great, and there would be a place for me. I could not understand why I should have to offer myself for evangelistic work in the homeland, when there was a call on me for the foreign field. He said this would be the best preparation for Tt I could have. The whole mountain rolled off my back, and I knew I was in divine order.
The next clay, March 1st, 1895, the Lord crowned me with Fire and Power. The Holy Ghost baptism fell on me, while I was on my way
to the altar.I felt I was clothed upon from
heaven. I could compare it to nothing more fitting than Samson ,strength. I felt if they bind me with cords, or try to hinder my going I'll burst every bond. Go, I must. I can't do anything else. In a remarkable way God went before me. Truly, IIe goeth before and maketh the crooked places straight; IIe breaketh in pieces the gates of brass and cutteth in sunder the bars of iron..
While God put the burden on me, He was dealing with father, so that when I told him of my call to preach the everlasting Gospel of Jesus, he was perfectly satisfied.
After laboring in the homeland for five years, the welcome news came for me to sail for Africa's shore. I felt like a bird set free. I could not shed a tear in bidding farewell to father, mother, brothers and sisters. I felt perfectly at home in the land of Pharoah. I was blessed in ministering to the Egyptians, whether in school work, houseto-house visitation, or the public ministry of the Word. God helped me to glean a few precious souls, some of whom are safely housed above the fire. I expect God will give me a few more years to spend in His service. "My times are in His hand."
CORA WA VANCAMP. gone to her reward after many years of mission service - her brother died in China as a holiness missionary

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